A girls life!
2001-09-04 03:00:56 (UTC)

School is a starting

Ok I want to be with this really kewl guy he to old! SO ne
ways we will see what happen....hehehehe....... then that
guy that got his way from my last one! He is better now that
he his not with his friends and has to have that bad ass
thing going on! We took my sister back to school today! Her
and I were doing so good till before I left and I snaped! I
yelled at her! we have not been getting a long all summer!
There has been one hell of a load of stress on me from guys
family and friends! But my guy stress is out the door just
like him! I'm ready to start this school year with a more
open mind and not let guy treat me so badly! Not going to
happen ne more! You all know why I'm so ready to go back to
school! hehehehe! Ne ways it is now 9:56 p.m. and I have to
get off line and get my shit together for school and tennis
tomr.! Love you all bye!