crackheads thoughts
2002-12-29 04:04:55 (UTC)

I am now 2 inches tall

Well, It's the 28th and I thought I should update. hahaha
My mom just got off the phone with Samantha's mom....Me and
Samantha kinda stayed where we could hear what waz going
on....and from my end of my line.... I heard that I waz 3
and waz not suppose to walk until I waz 5...In other
word's ....Im to young to be going to party's. Oh and it
didnt help that my mom read the conversation that me and
Samantha had before she I called her
and my dad weird....She didnt like the truth.....j/k.

All that's coming so far that I know is me,Nathan,Tyler &
Brandon if he dont have to work...She said she waznt sure
if Sarah and Chasity waz coming or not.But it's all gonna
be kool......No drug's or nothin.

Well, Im off.....Sorry I had to put your mom through that
Samantha! I'll update when I can ....


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