Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-12-29 04:00:55 (UTC)


Decided to do one of those header things I always see on Mi-
hime's online journal (man I wish I could make a pretty
layout like that! Sakura-chan!)

Current feeling: Anxiety and Excitement
Soundtrack of the Moment: Nikkie's Winter Mix '02
Song of the Moment: Shindemo ii, by (insert Mi-hime squeal)
Seki Tomokazu, from Weiss Kruez
Book of the Moment: Going to start on Night Watch by Terry
Pratchett soon
Game of the Moment: Spyro the Dragon, Enter the Dragonfly
(when it decides to cooperate and even then, I fight on!)

Ok, so this holiday has been... unique. I finally came to
understand how fucked in the head my aunt Darlene is, when
on Christmas Eve she got drunk and called my mother to pick
a fight after ruining the holiday for my grandparents.
She's very... different right now and she needs to grow up.
She's got to cut the alcohol and be a little more
considerate or else my poor grandparents aren't going to
know what to do. I particularly dislike being pulled into
the controversy, as Dennis, Aunt Dar's now ex-boyfriend
called my house looking for my grandmother. I was a bit
freaked out, being home all by myself at the time. But I
understand that he's a nice guy and it's almost 11 now so
it should be fine. Who knows, I might even get to see
Inuyasha tonight. Scratch that, family is home now. Fuck.