My Reality
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2002-12-29 03:55:04 (UTC)

i am such a bitch sometimes

ok so not really a lot to say other than i talked to josh,
apparently he has been like deathly ill, and thats why he
didnt call me, very cool he still likes me but boy do i
feel like a bitch..i was so mad at him bc he couldnt fit
me in...i thought he was just blowing me off but really he
was a lil busy coughing up fact i feel horrible
bc i didnt want to call him..i probalby should have to
know he was ok and to let him know i hoped he got
better...god i feel horrible, but not that bad bc he still
likes me he still wants me and we are still trying to get
a time to meet up again...thats a big fat yippee right so excited, i wanna treat him right, if he
comes down while the folks are away, i want to make him a
really nice dinner and just basically pamper him while he
is here, i am starting to get that really good feeling
about it again....i have been bumped up from a friend to
that in between person who is more than a friend but not a
gf...which is least it gives me a goal to work
towards...umm, oh yeah, and i would absolutly pee on
myself if he came to visit me in boone for my birthday, i
mean i know he cares about me but that would be just a
real would mean so much to me to have him
there and show him off and enjoy my day with him...i just
wanna hold him and squeeze him and kiss him all night
long...god i love that man....
oh yeah, fuck preston and everything that i have ever
thought or hoped for or dreamed of or wished for, he is a
horrible person who deserves to live alone for a long long
time because he has no fucking clue how to treat that i have josh i cant believe that i ever
settled for preston...josh is the perfect specimen of the
man that i can see myself lets just hope for
the best and enjoy lots of sex in the mean kidding