Laura's need to rant and chat
2002-12-29 01:37:48 (UTC)

I guess I'm just passing the time...

I am trying to pass the time, but I'm going crazy tonight,
I don't know what is up with me. I feel such a lost of
control over so much. I have been sitting here trying to
fix my pc so I can hear my cd's and it's not getting any
better, oh well, life sucks then you die.... sorry not very
happy. ON the upside, one of my favorite Buffy's is on
rerun right now on UPN so that's cool!!!It's the one where
everyone loses their voice, it's called HUSH... oh well, I
guess being a film/tv junkie, I would love to see the
script for this one because from about 20 minutes in there
are no spoken words, just actions. I had to write a
screenplay in one of my classes last spring and it was ok,
not great, but for my first try out and finishing a full 90
pages it was pretty good!

Oh well, life goes on... and on...and on.... oh you get the

I just wish I could finally be honest with myself and
others around me, but that seems really hard when you don't
have a clue how to admit things to yourself, let alone to
others... the border collie comeith again, ugh!!!

Well, at least my kitty, Mickey, seems to be happy with his
life here. My ex found him as a super-small, baby kitten
about 6 months ago running across a 6 lane road, he had to
bring him home, so when I moved out, I took Mickers (one of
the many nicknames i have for my kitty) with me and he
loves to snuggle with me. You know this cat has helped me
so many times, I know that every morning I have to get up
and take care of him because there is noone else who can do
it, so hopefully he will enjoy being with me for a very
long time since he is still pretty much a baby kitten
still, probably only about 9 months old, so he is my baby
and I love him so much. Enough about my cat... buffy is
on... talk to you later.