The World According to Me
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2001-09-04 01:59:32 (UTC)

I Blew It!

I went 170 calories over today. That means I am in a 180
calorie deficit and my carbs. were way up. Tomorrow, I am
back in the gym after this long weekend (Labor Day). I
remember last time I dieted it took some getting us to but
I want to drop weight fast! It is consuming my mind!

Six more days until I get to see Billy Idol! I am so
excited. It just so happens VH1 had The Behind the Music
episode with him. WOW! It is so hard for me to believe
that in 1986 he was already 29 years old. The man does not
age and you would think with all the drinking, drugging and
womanizing he has done, he should look like Kieth
Richards. I haven't been to a good concert in so long.
Aerosmith was okay but they aren't my favorite. Besides I
was feeling terrible about myself because I was such a pig
that day while my sister-in-law and her buff body and long
blonde hair was there wearing a tube top. She makes your
self-confidence go all to shit. Then again, I am just