Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-04 01:56:23 (UTC)


Hey everyone !
Hows everyone doing ? I am sad cause Adam hasn't gotten on
and he promised he would ! * Tear* Trickles down cheek* LOL
Kati ! NO but seriously I really wanna talk to him ! OH if
you normally read my diary then you have to read my friend
Steph's ! You will find her diary most likely the same way
you found mine! go to "see what others have written " and
hers is called " Steph's Diary" so you have to read hers
too ! Well I found out what my homework is for science !
*sigh of relief* hehe ! Well I really need to go to bed
cause I have to get up at 5 cause I have class at 7 !!!!!
Yikes early isn't it ! haha ! Well I am seriously sad that
Adam didn't get on ! * tear tear * ooh well I guess I
forgive him cause he is so kick rockin. (that is jessie's
sayin ! Copy writed by her ! I kinda stole it but its ok
cause she made me a spork chick ! ) LOL ! I have a spork
necklace! yea its crazy but jessie is changing the world
one spork a time ! LOL ! She has one too ! hehe ! Luv ya
jessie and her sister KT ! Hey KT hows your bed ?! LOL .
Long story everyone ! haha ! I really gotta bounce ! Oh
Adam if you are reading this * I miss you ! Love you
too ! See you tonight! Sweet dreams ! * Ok I am leaving
for real now !
Luv ya all !