Laura's need to rant and chat
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2002-12-28 23:19:25 (UTC)

this is bad, fourth time today

I guess you all will have to get use to seeing my posts
alot. I just ran all over town today trying to please
others and not caring about my own feelings. But as a
daughter of a "border collie" like my mother, I guess it's
just herditary. You see my mom is always going out of her
way to make sure everyone else is happy, even to the point
that her happiness is over-looked. The women loves to herd people.
Hell, today I spent all this time on the phone with my friend Shell
and she has a 7/8 year old daughter, and Shell knows that I want to
move bvsomewhere, since right now anywhere is better than
Northwest Florida, but she wants me to move up to where she
lives and help her take care of her daughter....ugh. Ok,
here's the real problem with that idea... well problems....
1. her daughter is a demon beast from hell (probably
because mom and grandparents will give that kid anything
she ever wants)
2. I can't have kids, so how would it feel if I had to help
raise a child who isn't mind and know that I will never be
able to look down at a little girl and think "she is mine."

Would you be able to do that? I know I couldn't!!!

UGH!!! I just heard the worse line of my life on this
movie... "you always hurt the one's you love." Well, I
guess some people love me alot since they are always
hurting me.

Well, at least my writing is hopefully coming along, well,
at least a little bit better than more. I am planning on
posting some of my work on here, I would love some
feedback, so anything would help.


New subject: New rant or maybe not.

I am just needing to start over on my life, get things
together and hopefully find the happiness I've always
wanted. I hope my writing can get better, I hope I can
finally move to where I want (Las Vegas -- why you ask?
Because they have a great program at UNLV for hotel/motel
management or film... but according to the true border
collie hotel/motel management probably is the more likely
to become a career with a future, which I do agree, but if
you're going into that field, where else do you go, but a
huge city with a great program, but of course, LV is way
too far away the MOM)

Ugh, help, someone, please give me something to work with.

Have a great day, I guess I need to take a break from
writing on here and do some work on my novel.

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