mere's world
2001-09-04 01:39:18 (UTC)

this weekend

Hi! My name is Meredith, i'm 16, and I live in a not
too interesting place in Ohio. I've always thought about
having an online diary, but i have a normal paper one, so I
never have. but alas, my friend started one, and it
inspired me to finally start one. so anyway, i'll get to
the subject of this entry, my weekend...
Because of Labor Day, we had a 3 day weekend. yeah!! on
friday, i went to the home football game with a good friend
who now goes to a different school. it was fun, and we
went to a restaurant afterwards, where we saw some other
people we knew. saturday, i went to the mall with one of
my other friends, which was really fun. she was really
excited, because it was the first time her parents let her
drive out of town without them. saturday night, i went over
to her house along with some of our other friends. (i think
there were around 9 of us there) we sat around and ate
pizza and played the game of knowledge. (lol i know, sounds
exciting doesn't it?) but it was! especially when we all
started singing(except my friend who lost her voice~ i
hope it feels better hun!) so...on sunday i went to church
and the usual, and later when i was online, this guy from
school started talking to me. he was asking me all of these
weird sex type questions(trust me, you don't want to
know!), and saying we should make out and stuff. then he
asked me out that night, and i felt bad for him, so i
actually said yes! of course all my friends were
like, "ewww, how could you say yes to HIM?" etc etc... but
i did feel bad, and i was sort of thinking "why not?" but
they all insist he's a complete player and i shouldn't even
try it. i ended up spending the night at my grandparents'
so i canceled the date. i felt bad though! anyway, i gotta
go now, i still have homework to do. (as you'll find out
i'm the world's worst procrastinator) later!
~mere :)