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2001-09-04 01:28:02 (UTC)

Hockey is happiness

Can you say happy? How can a person get so suddenly happy by
reading a newspaper article? I dunno but it just happened to
me. My friend showed me an article and there in black and
white it says that AJ, former teammate of my beloved S will
be attending Univeristy here. I'm corny to be so happy about
that I know but once again, it's the whole change issue.
That's when the team was utterly blissful- S, Z, M, the two
K's, CC and AJ. And he's back!! Wow. I'm a goof I know. But
it reminds me of happy times and when we actually won the
championship and so close to the Mem. Cup that year. And
then another happy side note- K is back in town too!! He
doesn't leave for NHL training camp till next week!! Oooh
how excited am I? and the prospect of him returning to the
team is looking better and better with every passing moment.
Life is good!

Current mood: Blissful
Current Music: Something Like You- N'SYNC

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