2001-09-04 01:25:07 (UTC)

this is a test run i guess...

hey, i just got this and i'm trying it out...

well, I'm Sonja... heylo. here's some stuff on me..

i'm a freshmen at a university owned school, so my class size is small
(under 60 ppl) everyone pretty much knows everyone there. i've gone
to the same school and lived in the same town my entire life. i'm
moving to a bigger town and a way bigger school (thinking 400 per
class) second semester, and that's all pretty messed. so now you
kinda know the big event going on in my little life right now. (you're
gonna hear a lot about that if you keep reading this every once and a

these are a few of my favorite things... :-D (i'm a happy person, but
i'll try to narrow things down)

*long conversations (with cool peoples... my friends of
course)*soccer**instant messaging*NU track
meets!*BBQ and friend chicken (corn, beans, and mashed potatos on
the side are nice too...hehe)*dancing*pep band*Cartoon Cartoons,
Disney Channel original series, and Nickelodeon stuff too (i'm cool,
haha)*Clinique*clothes right out of the drier*SHOES*purple*popcorn
& gummi bears*hair cuts*Lauryn Hill*mi familia* ... and most of all

well i've got h/w and stuff so i'm gonna hafta end this entry.

"the best of the (mid) west"