My So-called Life
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2002-12-28 21:40:20 (UTC)

Reunion and Christmas

i haven't written in forever. we had the family reunion
last friday night. everyone came over and ate and we had a
band in the den-drums, guitar, bass, and was
funny. uncle terry was dancing. everyone was singing, we
did old christmas songs and then some fun fast ones. half
the ppl there i didn't know, but thats ok. one of my great
aunts, i think,-her name was irene- had an awesome fudge
pie. (later we called and got the recipe) she kept calling
me adrian. i was like ok, whatever floats ur boat! no one
wanted to leave! it was 1 in the morning b4 we got everyone
christmas eve was fun, too. i got cute necklaces, more
jewelry, a hoodie, backpack, pj's. just stuff like that. it
was fun, everyone just sat around and talked.
christmas morning was great. adam woke me up at 6:30
wanting to go get mom and dad to open presents. dad
unlocked the door and adam ran in and was like awesome!!
(he ran to my present) it was a new computer for me! i
didn't have to work on the old dino! adam got a PS2 and my
old comp. and then we got a bunch more stuff. mom had us go
on a hunt for our stockings, which had more stuff in them.
it was great. then we went over to gma's house and opened
presents and ate. i got the same gift twice- the same cd
and a gift certificate to old navy. it was cool. after
that, we went to the christmas's house. we ate there-i was
about to pop- and opened presents from them. then i hung
out in jasmines room and jaz spent the night w/ me. i got
no sleep. but it was a pretty good christmas.

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