No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-12-28 20:48:24 (UTC)


hey! Yeah, my sister is dead. Trish and I were play
fighting and it ended up getting violent...she slapped I slapped her back...she got mad...went out of the
room...punch a wall...put the wall in basically...and my
mom saw...yep...were dead. She left us a note telling us
were dead. I don't want to loose Trish...I'm afraid she'll
be sent to Texas with my dad, I beieve it's her 3rd strike.
Even if it wasn't...that alone was enough to loose the
fucking game. It really sucks, she needs to control her
anger...but she didn't mean to do that. Yep, it sucks.
Kit and Kyle came over for a while last night. Then, around
7 Jess and I left to go to the movies and see Two Weeks's a good movie. We came back, and Kit was still
here. Terry stopped by after work and they left.
I thinks that's about it. Later.