Lil* Black Backpack
2001-09-04 01:08:39 (UTC)

The best I ever had....

Wud up everyone/???? Damn, school is already starting up
tomorrow, HELL YEA, I'm tried of being at home, its so damn
boring here. Well I still havent heard from J'son which is
a good thing in a way, cus that way it might be easier for
me to get over him and it just goes to show how much he
really wanted to be my friend. I hopein the future we will
laugh at this and still be friends but until then I guess
things wont change, until people mature a lil. Well guys I
know my entries have been pretty boring for u and I'm sorry
but I guess it's because I've been going through a lot
latley. So if something exciting happens I'll let ys know
-k- buh bye!!!

- Luv Shelley