my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-28 19:39:42 (UTC)


oh my god this day sucks ass. i got up at 9:30 this
morning with maria i am so exausted right now. i pissed
john off b/c i told him at 12 that i didnt want otahng
out and he hung up on me ans called me a ass hole. yeah ok
go fuck your nasty ho now!!!!! i am not even going to try
any more it isnent worth it.

jason and tom were suposed to stop up and they never did. they are
down playing in the snow and i should be down there but i gotta
leave in a little while and i still have shit to do up here so...
and the dog is pissing me off so bad she has been barking at them
all day i am going to fucking kill her. my house smells like ass my
mom has been cooking everything all morning. it all tastes mad good
but the smell ughh it is nasty all mixed together. bacon, cokkies
and suash. ok so we are ahving more company over tomarrow and i have
to get up so early i still have so much stuff to do for my mom. what
the hell. i just want to sleep all day!!!! ok so i am leaving at
4:30 to go out ot eat with kristin and maria. i want to but i want
to spend my momey on the stuff at the mall i want not food. oh well
i am just going to have to deal. ok well i am going to go an try to
take a nap but i doubt that is going to happen.
listing to: the edge

ok so me and maria left at 4:30 and we went out ot eat at the
chinies buffet with kristing and nicole. then we went to the mall
and we almost got our ass's kicked b/c we were saying shit to
everyone. to funny. and we were singing to like eveery song and
everyone was looking at us i was great. but we are back home and i
dont feel like typing so im gonna go.
watching:sat night live