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2002-12-28 18:51:52 (UTC)


hey everyone i found my song after all this time...here it
is...enjoy! :)


Staring at the ceiling,
silence becomes overwhelming,
and the clock seems to be ticking
slower than before.

My body becomes stiff,
my muscles seem to tighten;
my mind doesn't want to function.
so i shut my eyes real tight.

(Refrain) As the world keeps spinning
There i stay in one place.
though gravity pulls me down to earth,
my head seems to be spinning up in space.
my mind becomes blank
and the black hole sucks me in;
you can see it in my face.
i will never be the same.

my thoughts still draw a blank,
and are filled with nothingness.
i'm stuck in this world of perplexity,
never ending, perpetual confusion.

I need to find a way-
to get back down to earth;
but i think i many have lost my way,
so can you please lead me home?


Please take my hand,
and lead me back into reality;
i lost my way back home,
and i am stuck in space it seems.

Help me to open my eyes,
and make my mind stop spinning;
the dizzyness is overwhelming,
and i am still lost in space.

(Refrain two times)

you can see it in my face,
i will never be the same
oh--i will never be the same.

and i found another one of my songs too :)

Another Rock Song
No Title

The Clock is ticking much slower than before
The room is slient
and my mind is blank
I sit alone
bored as hell
the the world is spinning
And i get dizzy

(refrain)Eyes slowly closing
I cannot think
caught in a transe
I hang upside down now
I am lost
Everything possible becomes impossible
Everything impossible becomes possible
This is damn crazy

coldness dawns onto me
blistering fever of life
makes me lose my mind
im lost in a world of insanity
Im invisible
and as time ticks by
im wasting my life away


I think of the past too much
its insane
why remember something
that you never want to relive

refrain and end

well there ya go! :) byez

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