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2002-12-28 18:41:49 (UTC)

Over-Analyze The Obvious

Yup. Thats my saying. *grin*

I read this one girls diary, and it kinda shocked me. This
girl is 15 *soon to be 16*, having sex with guys, and
saying shes old enough to take care of herself. I was
like, hmm. Whats with children and their preoccupation
with growing up? Why not cherish the chance to stay
young? I realized this too late. I too tried to grow up
too soon. Now I just want to be a kid, and I cant. I just
keep getting in trouble... Im not trying to... It just
kinda, happens. I just want to have fun... dang nab it.
Were all going to Hell. *j/k*

Yeah. This is really going to hurt. I got mad at my
sister and punched the wall, which i usually do, only on
this occasion, my hand actually went through it... *oops*