Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-12-28 18:34:37 (UTC)

Revisiting an Old Friend

I decided to go on the 3-Day Diet again just in time for
New Year's. I think a little boost in my weight loss will
give me the motivation to start the New Year off right.

I have changed a few things around with it. Since the diet
pretty much just makes you lose water weight by giving you
not a lot of calories and foods with a lot of water
content, I figure that there's no use in torturing myself
when I could make a few substitutions. So I bought Healthy
Choice mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of plain
vanilla and orange juice instead of grapefruit juice.

I went to Curves yet again today to try to pay for a
membership for the rest of break and to work out, but they
were closed... again. So I think I am just going to work
out at home. They apparently don't want my money that
badly if they're never open for me to give it to them!

Anyway, as has worked in the past, I want to put 100% into
these 3 days, so that I'll feel "cleaned out" and energized
to start 2003. It also might make me feel thinner and
healthier for my trip to see Tyler.

The fact that I've kept losing weight since school started
in August is a HUGE motivator for me, and I really think
that after 6 months of losing weight fairly steadily, this
is going to be "the time" that I can continue until I've
reached my goal weight and then maintain it. I've proven
to myself that I can do it. The fact that it's been a slow
loss since school started is encouraging, because that's
the type of weight loss that is more permanent. It shows
that I'm not just "dieting" (although I use it at times,
such as right now), but I'm making small- but lasting-
lifestyle changes.

When I step on the scale, I can't help but feel very proud
of myself. I used to think the needle would never fall
below 170. Now, I can get on fully clothed after eating
and it doesn't even touch 170! I hope someday I'll be able
to think the same thing about 160... and maybe even 150.
It's such an exciting thought, and if I can just keep that
mindset, it will make working out and skipping out on the
junk food much easier!