Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-12-28 17:18:57 (UTC)

wtvr, cant sleep but ok

Hey, so it's winter vacca and so far the whole time
Nolan's away in New Jersy andi miss him bunches, and i'm
borred becuase most of my friends are away. It's hard to
find someone to get with, but oh well. it's nice to be able
to sleep, when i do. I'm getting pretty good at playing
Bass, and it's fun, i just hope i can get really really
good. maybe someday i'll be able to play like flea from red
hott chillie peppers. He's sooo awsome. yea o anyway things
have been ok as far as my life goes, he he. it's not
totally terrible at the moment,it seems a bit more
tollerable rite now so i'm ok. i havent seen dr jesse in 2
weeks and i'm happy abot that ive jus been to buisy to see
her, wich i have no complaints about. I'm doing ok on swim
team, i have a meet commin up so weel see how i do. yea i'm
not so sure what to talk about rite now becuase i jus woke
up and i'm very sleepy, i havent been able to sleep verry
well. i thought it was getting better but then it jus got
worse.god i hate being so ucking tired all the time, it's
like i dont even have energy to fucking make out wit my boy
friend. god i miss him a loooot. well i'll update l8ter,
i'm sooo tired.

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