Squeeb's world
2001-09-04 00:26:04 (UTC)

Maybe a Change would do you good

What is it that they say? That change is a good thing?
Personally change scares the living bejeebers out of me. I
think that goes along with my horoscope. We Cancers enjoy
stability and all that stuff. So I move back for school and
find out that they've nixed my radio station and gotten rid
of the cheap theatres. Hel-lo! Are these people whacked? I
mean now we have no stations that play pop music except for
the odd occasion that the Oshawa station chooses to come in
which isn't very often. What's up with that anyways, eh?
Then there's the subletter from Hell but that's another
subject entirely. Love the fact that in her closing letter
she wrote "I would like to take this opportunity to thank
you for your hospitality"- yeah like free rent for your
friends all summer? What's up with that? Some people just
irk me. And I come back and find half my stuff broken. Yep,
that's some hospitality. Remind me never to allow my
roommate to sublet again or if they do, to have a complete
background check done on the person or something.
K, I so have to make a comment about pop music at the
moment. That stuff is so utterly addictive that it just puts
a smile on your face. Ok, ok, MY face. But you have to admit
JC Chasez is THE cutest thing on this earth- regardless of
the recent perm- I think it looks good on him. Some poodles
ARE cute you know. Besides, it's JC. Then there's Justy, the
loveable chia pet, will he ever regrow those lucious curls
of his? Although I must admit I like his cute little shaved
head. Oh and this is so cool- do you realize they were
selling MMC tapes for $1 at the Buck or Two- hel-lo! Those
things are precious commodities. I saw JC and squealed. He
sings on it too- how cute is that. However it was before
Justin, Britney and Christina joined but this is JC so it's
all worth it.
School in the morning. Guess that means I have to get
back to a routine. However I don't know about you but I
always find the first couple weeks the hardest, you just
don't feel like school. Oh well, I guess it'll happen
eventually. And with school means hockey so that's a happy
and half.. however that goes back to the whole resisting
change thing. Now that J is gone and he's one of the only
remaing ones from when S was on the team. I just hope beyond
a shadow of hope that K stays. If he doesn't, I'll cry. I
know it sounds corny but it's a link my my precious S.
Besides K's a wicked ass hockey player and oh-so cute.
K, enough is enough already. I'm signing out. I like the
thing on one of the other online journals so I'll do it

Current mood: relxed
Current music: Up Against the Wall- N'SYNC