2001-09-04 00:25:55 (UTC)

I miss him so much, I want him back!

Thats right he dumped me....I lost him. Well...he says that
we will be back together, and that he still likes me and
cares about me, he just needs some time for himself right
now, and he wants to get over how much he was hurt and
pissed off and me and my freinds for the movies I think.
This is really difficult, school starts tomarrow and I am
gonna end up seeing him, and I wont be able to hug him, or
kiss him not that we even did that stuff at school...I just
hope I dont start crying on the first day. I mean tomarrow
I will hear are u and keigen going out still..all day and I
am gonna have to say no. That just breaks my heart. I mean
I feel so uneasy.....