Locked Inside my Book
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2001-09-04 00:02:40 (UTC)

Comic Book

well i want to start making my own comics. I'm going to
write my story ideas in here b/c i like to type the stories
instead of writing them by hand. here goes....

In the dark narrow streets of Hungary, Dani Filth and Gian
Pirez walk silently towards the underground club where
their band mates await their arrival. With their long dark
trench coats lingering behind them, they shiver at the
coldness and the nervousness of their first real gig.
Cradle of Filth, the band that they formed 3 years ago in
the dusty moist basement of the Filth residence. Dani Filth
always felt a dark side to him. His music represented the
feelings held deep inside. The death metal he creates
between his vocals and his dark lyrics.

ick this isn't working. the story doesn't sound right. i
need a lot of help. i can't get the feeling or right words.

i'll try again later.

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