Electric monkey
2001-09-03 23:27:47 (UTC)

8-3-01 [weekend update with Lindsey]

so now i dont have anything to do again, so im back on
here. trying to get a hold of my friends, but no luck.
so, i said id go more indepth on the weekend activities.
although im sure you dont care if i tell you or not. and
plus, one of the only ppl that read this was actually
there. [graham]sooooooooooo.... yeah. nothing too exciting.
there was this awesome parade that went by through the camp
ground. one of the best ive ever seen. we got some candy
too. went out on the boat... went out on the canoe. ate at
the yummy amish restarant for breakfast. and for 2 nights
graham played guitar and i kinda sat there with the bass
trying to play. he taught me a couple songs on the bass. i
liked that. but the big strings put a blister on my thumb,
then i discovered that i could use a pick and not hurt my
thumb anymore. yippy. so that was all cool.graham played
the guitar with his teeth and broke a string. hehehhehe
then on sunday graham had to leave. bye bye graham. eric
came by right after that and i hadnt seen him since last
time i camped there [altough i didnt talk to him last time
cause he had a bunch of friends there with him] but this
time it was ok and he didnt have his scary friend people
there. so we chatted and sat around the camp fire and such.
we were planning on going out on the canoe but we didnt end
up going. we all walked down to Big D's camp site and
talked around and stuff. yep, so thats th end basically.
woke up the next day and packed and ate at the amish place
again. it was good.
now im home. just ate some chinese food which was good.
oh while i was camping i had some weird dreams. maybe t was
because the bed i was sleeping on was more comfortable then
my own bed at home. who knows. but the first one i can
remember pretty well. it was me and paco and we were in
some house thing. and he was watching this really funny
cartoon aparently [he was laughing so hard] and i walked in
and he would stop laughing. so i drug him away from the tv
and he stopped. it was just a really weird setting though.
the house was all creepy. i tried to go to sleep in my
dream but these little monster things kept scaring me so i
never went to sleep then i found paco again. i dunno, it
seems like i remember it well, but i cant really explain it
too much. so nevermind. alls i know is that paco [the ryan
paco] was in it. so who knows.
so i better be going now. ive talked enough.
bye bye!