Magenta Quinn

Ya really wanna know what I'm thinki
2002-12-28 09:16:47 (UTC)

Drinkin and stuff

Hi kids,
Well, tonight I found out I'm hated....well not exactly
hated, more an object of envy. It's because my friend likes
my other friend but he doesn't like her as a friend or
anything, but he's just always goofy and slighty flirty
with me.....that's why she hates me. She also admitted that
she hates me cause this guy I know that looks like Mark
from Blink 182 and he wants a piece of me and not
her.....he doesn't know her. But anyway, I'm gettin some
action, it's great!! I like attention every once in a
while. It's good, especially from somebody I totally dig,
nothin better. I'm a little buzzed, so I'm gonna go to bed
now. Oh yeah, Jardee's back from the Navy!! YaaY!! I missed
that guy so much, he's the greatest. He looks like Kramer
and acts like him too. Man, good people, not so good booze,
and good times. Nothin like it dude, nothin at all. I do believe this
is the shortest entry I've yet to write. Other than smelling super
cigarettey and a little buzzed, I'm good. So I'm gonna go to bed
while the goodness is flowing.

G'night kids,
Toni :o)