~PhAT wArz~
2002-12-28 09:10:02 (UTC)

A Dream

December 25, 2002

I was awoken from a rather confusing dream about D.

Here it is in synopsis:

white buildings
people in uniform
calm, hot summer day
I was feeling relaxed and at peace
taken place in the future (2-5 years time)
by myself
public show of affection


I was spending a nice relaxing day alone at the beach in
Vancouver when I got up and walked up the small hill
towards white buildings. To my right I saw a group of men in uniform
standing around talking. When I passed them I heard my
name. I turned to my left and saw D walking towards me,
he was smiling. We hug and pull away. He then puts his
right arm around my back and left hand on face. He leans in
and we kiss. It was soft, passionate, he tasted so sweet
and his breath was my oxygen. (I was thinking that this
can't be happening, I MUST be in a dream cuz this would
never happen. He doesn't think of me in that way. I open my
eyes and see his closed. He was serious!) We pull apart
again where he places his right hand on my cheek and looks
deep into my eyes and says, "I love you!" I said, "I love",
I then look down and say, "you too!" I begin to cry.
I ask him why now and he just smiles. I press him again and
he says, "Time is not on my side!" I begin to worry
thinking that he has some kind of terminal illness but he
was smiling and he looked healthy. I press him to explain and he then
said, "Things are not as they seem!" then he just kept smiling.I wake


What the fuck does that mean? Never in a dream
before did he reach out to me. It was as if he was trying
to invade my sleep time to tell me how he feels.

So, I went online to find out about dream interpretations...

beach: represents the the dreamers inconscious feelings
meeting the dreamers consciousness. Associated with periods
of emotional transition. Previous unconscious material
being brought to the surface of awareness. Goals are far

Kissing a friend: represents respect & adoration

The Colour White: completeness, idealism, purity,
innocence, elegance & openess. Resolve of special
situations and problems.

His avoidence of my question: I don't know the whole story
so don't assume!

That's all for now!

Man, am I confused!!!