~¤WoRd Yo¤~
2001-09-03 22:52:26 (UTC)


Dear Diary, (How lame does that sound)
So here I am on the fricking comp.... writing about my
feelings and shit to a fucking screen. That could always be
funn. I dont know what the hell I am doing and why I am
doing this but whatever.
So high school starts tomororw. That should be funn as
well. I am kinda scared. Its a big school with new people
and new things. YAY! yay for me and my life.
I am now waiting for my rents to finish there lives for
today so they can take me out to go shopping. I am rather
angry. Oh well. I think i am gonna get off this god
forsaken machine before i go insane. Ill be back later. I
am sure I will have much more too write.. Hahah NOT!