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2002-12-28 08:26:33 (UTC)

A big start to my diary

Hey my name is Thai Van, I'm a chinese gay boy who is 18
years of age. I live in England in a town called Thamesmead,
a surburban town around an hour from London. I study at the
university of Greenwich doing a course on accounting and
finance. Yesterday I had a real nice christmas at my
cousins. Today I had alot of guest at my house. When there
tends to be alot of food that needs to be eaten we have
loads of people around, like a garage sale for food. All my
cousins are making so much noise, and my relatives gamble
with eachother (don't ask me why they just do). My dad
stayed up till 4pm today to play cards with his friends,
hes a chef at a chinese restaurant and he rarely gets days
off (poor man, I love him hehe). My mom works part time at
a cleaning agency, does around 10 hours a week. I have
sister whos in secondary school (the equivelant of high
school) and I work teaching kids. I go to an online game
called Questria (www.questriax.com) where I speak alot to
alot of people and have lots of really good friends
(special mention to Brinks, Arty, Kate, Spud and many
others). I'm open, outspoken(gets me in trouble sometimes,
or so i've been told) and most importantly, honest.
I'll probably write like once every 3 days, I tend to
babble too much if I write everyday ^_^. So see you later.

In the past few days, I've experience alot of things about
myself that I thought that I already had known. A friend
from the US called Carlo phoned me last night. He is a real
sweet guy and I really had fun talking to him. Hes just so
comforting to talk to, I found him pleasant, kind and
really deep about his feelings. I didn't think that he
would actually phone me, i was quite stunned by that. We
were talking on AIM asking how eachother were and stuff. He
asked me if he could call me, I was like sure you can. We
spoke about alot of stuff, about me, him, the way he was
and the way I am. He was telling me how he felt about
things, i found him enchanting to talk to and also found
myself knowing him on a deep level. We spoke for about 70
minutes, about anything really. I found myself really
liking him despite what some of my close friends have said
about him. He said one thing that really made me really
happy: "I'm really tired, but I don't wanna go, I wanna
talk, you're pleasant to talk to."
I spoke to him at around 6.20 am and it finished around
7.30am. I went to bed at around that time and woke up at
around 6 pm (yeah I know, lazy =) ), said hi to my mum and
then went online. Spoke to my good friend Brinks, asking
him how he was etc. He was down and I felt I needed to
cheer him up. Hes a really sensitive and caring person, I love
him so much, he means so much to me.
Later today I stayed and spoke to Carlo, he was on his way
to New York to celebrate his Birthday, I wished him a
wonderful time and really like live, live for the moment.
My life has been rocky these past months but I'm really
looking forward for whats to come. I just hope that I will
find someone to really love.
Oh well later all.