Blazin Dayz
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2002-12-28 08:20:16 (UTC)

Life without drugs

I wish there was a life without drugs for me. Lets think
since seventh grade I've been stuck in the drug life and
here I am in the 10th grade. Shows how much I haven't
grown. I guess I am still childish. It seems like everytime
i get happy I get knocked back down in the dirt and it
makes me fall harder into drugs. Being with my first Ex-
boyfriend... Jeff I was a little stoner just fucking
getting stoned everyday even at school, and then this last
one... Cody, well I was popping pills with him and sniffing oxy-
cotton while we were just friends but when we got together
we were doing glass taking lines of speed staying up way to
much and for nothing. Now we aren't together any more he's
back with his pregnant ex-girlfriend again. Man I'm making us sound
like ghetto ass people...were not, I mean shit we got money
and we got our drugs but also he had been with his Ex-girlfriend
(who he's back with now) for two years and got her pregnant
and we were best friends so we went good together for a
while but now naturally his bitch hates me and I don't
blame her but I respect his baby so as soon as she has it
I'm gunna kick her fat ass. Well I'm settling down a little
I'm staying with just the weed for a while you know i have
to try and get over him in a sane state of mind. Plus I got
a dope as pipe for christmas from his dad! ha! Peace and

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