My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-12-28 08:07:22 (UTC)

just a side note lol 12-27

Well here's a sidenote to the evening... so I'm chillin at
home gettin set to watch "A very merry pooh year" and BAM v
calls me and is like im pickin u up.. and im like what are
we doin and shes like idk lets just go so im like ok w/e...
so we go and we end up on the hwy like always lol well then
v is like hmmm i could go for some hot chocolate, and im
like mmm no i dont wanna go to webbs unless we get some
other ppl with us... so w/e im about to call bri and bry
and once again BAM this car pulls up on the side of me..
guess who it is.. steve and david... i just looked at v and
omg i was pissed... ok granted steve is cute and cool and
nice and whatnot, david on the otherhand is boring,
annoying, and well... unattractive... and get this...
apparently he thinks im pretty...good for him yea no its
not flyin... then it hits me...vanessa planned this out..
she fuckin tricked me lol she knew if she told me they were
gunna be there i wouldnt go....its UNFATHOMABLE! seriously
i was in shock so im like v take me home right now or im
gunna cry lol and shes like well u tell them so w/e i made
up an excuse and we went on our merry little way... what
still pisses me off is that i was tricked lol this is
ludacris! seriously... so w/e then me and v go to taco bell
and get some food and head back to my house to finally
watch winnie the pooh...
soooo.... w/e v opens her food and looks at the wrapper and
is like hmmmm i dont think this is what i ordered and im
like dude they never put it in the right wrapper and shes
like yea ur right.. and that lead to me learning some
important life lessons tonight....
life lesson #1: things always dont come in the right
wrapping... GET OVER IT
#2: if ur friend suspiciously calls u and doesnt tell u
where ur going... do not go!
#3: girls: dont be friends with taken guys if ur single cuz
ppl seem to think that ur trying to take them away and be a
homewrecker... and thats apparently my future profession...
offical homewrecker lol
and #4: never walk out in a towel in front of friends cuz
then u are a pig (V!!)
well there u have it... now im going to bed lol peace out