Glittering Posy

The Faerie's Heart
2001-09-03 22:41:48 (UTC)

He is Everything

Surely he must be a skilled rogue,
For every time I am near him, he takes my breath away.

Surely he must be a dashing prince,
For every time I look upon him, I swoon at his beauty.

Surely he must be a wisened scholar,
For every time I hear him speak, I am in awe of his mind.

Surely he must be a mighty sorcerer,
For every time I kiss him, I am struck with a sort of magic.

Surely he must be a great warrior,
For every time I am in his embrace, strength and safety I

Surely he must be my love,
For every time I think of him, he is everything to me.

I wish there were enough words to convey how special you
are to me. I just don't think that a word has been created
yet that can justly convey the amount of respect,
admiration and love that I have for you. Until such a word
is invented, I can only do my best, using the words I know,
to try and express my feelings for you.

You are, without a doubt, the most mysterious, amazing and
stunning creature I have ever met. Every time I look at
you, I see myself in so many ways. And yet, I also see so
many qualities in you that I wish I myself could possess.

I don't think any one has ever acted or reacted the way you
do towards me. Most people I can predict, I can
manipulate, I can toy with...because I know how they are
going to respond and behave around me. But you, you are
challenging and unpredictable and above all, incredibly
stimulating. You keep me on my toes and you are not afraid
to have a thought, opinion or reaction that challenges
mine. Never before have I respected a man more for such
qualities as these.

I don't think anyone has ever understood me like you do
either. You take notice of the little things, you make an
effort to sort out and comprehend what I'm feeling and
thinking. You care enough to be inspired to question my
motives and beliefs. And you care enough to share your own
with me.

I feel so incredibly connected to you. Not only through
our many similar interests, but also how we engage and
stimulate each other. How we are often in awe of one
another and how much we admire each other. You are, to put
it simply, absolutely exquisite. Your intellect leaves me
awestruck and envious. The way you look at me leaves me
breathless and blushing. The way you touch and kiss me
leaves me swooning and weak with desire. The way you love
me amazes me and confounds me...alarms me and makes me feel
so comforted all at once.

Our time is nigh, my prince... I can promise you that.
All I ask is that you have faith in the faeries and leave
your heart open for me. There are so many things I want to
show you and share with much love and joy I wish
to give you.

My beautiful, magical god...bide the time, for it shall be
short. I am yours...