sheesh ya fuck
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2002-12-28 05:59:32 (UTC)

ive opened my soul and let it..

ive opened my soul and let it shame its way through the
slides eve ry blade is pressed sleeping under the wings
not enough for lips sealed with the blood that was spilt
take back the sleep i will lose without a perfect shape
awake in the static losing over this and the flapping
wings break wind harder shoving hurricanes to the shore
let it smother in the warmth give her back to them 2 is
more burden 2 is more than i could save with mirrors i
dream through breaking figures reaching for my shades run
run run shake the silk from the channels i just want to be
home with them hidden in my place killing the hate wait on
the edge of insanity..the line that draws us apart..make
it move and sleep inside untill you smother in the
warmth..hide in my place..home. shine the spotlights down.