I am Jack
2002-12-28 05:26:38 (UTC)

little earthquakes and books

My Christmas went ok, I got a little money, right when I
needed it. My roomate comes back into town tomorrow, right
when I was getting used to living on my own again; but,
It'll be good to have him back.
One cool thing I forgot to mention in my last enrty: last
Monday we had a small tremor here, a minor earthquake. It
lasted less than 2 seconds right before midnight. I was
sitting on the floor, reading and I felt a quick sort of
shockwave through the floor, like the building swayed
slighty. My intial reaction was that a car or something
must've crashed into the base of the building, but then I
wondered if it was an earthquake, then, should I stand under
a doorway? A few minutes later the power went out for about
an hour. My roomate's brother and a news blurb confirmed the
next day that it was an earthquake, originating in Daly
City, right South of us.
I finished reading Choke, not Palahnuik's best book, but
still really good, complete with another of his twist
endings that changes alot of things you read earlier. His
books are as much about plot as they are observations on
society and social commentary, done in a darkly funny,
satirical, and some times explicit nature. This one dealt
with addictions (mostly sexual), scams, elderly care,
medical school, insanity and faith; an interesting read.
Now I'm reading Boogie Woogie by Danny Moynihan, it's
about the 1990's New York art underworld and the eccentric
artists who populate it.
Everybody have a safe and fun new year.