My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-12-28 04:59:19 (UTC)

random nights 12-26/12-27

Well these nights were kinda sucky... thursday I got justin
and we went to best buy and hell we went all over the
place... then i went and got nicole and dropped justin off
cuz he had to be home.. then i went to get v and jj and
then we picked up alan... so then we go to v's for a fun
filled night of catch phrase and fooseball lol it actually
was pretty damn fun.. so w/e stu had to be home at 12 so i
drop alan off, yea well i bottomed out on his driveway and
i was like SHIT but everything was ok... then we drop stu
off and then me and v plan on goin to webbs... well we take
a detour to the taco bell on bluemound lol so were in the
drivethrough... and this dude in front of me is like poking
his head out the window.. and im like umm... and hes like
ur draggin something and im like ooook w/ yea then he
continues to talk to me and is like "come home with me" and
im like yeaaaaa no lol so w/e we get our food... the
jackass in front of us pulls around to talk to us.. me and
v get out to see whats dragging and its some plastic black
thing thats supposed to be on the bottom of my car lol w/e
so we pull that off.. then the guy starts talkin to us and
is like persistant that i go home with him lol hes like 26
and his name was dale and he drives limos hehehe... yea w/e
so we go back to v's and steve and david call and then they
come over to v's... so we chill and talk and shit until
like 2:30 so im like i prolly should go home and theyre all
like noooo so i stay and at like 3 my mom calls and is like
u need to come home lol so i go home and thats that...
so today i get up early... go to brandons to play some
nintendo til like 2 then go to cousins to visit marc then
go home and clean my room!!! which took forever and then to
target and then justins like hey craig said to come over
tonight so im like ok w/e... so i get justin again lol and
we go all over to get him this one dvd, i mean we went to
take 2, best buy again!, circit city, and borders... w/e so
we call up craig, his roommates billy and shit are being
gay and bringin over like tons of ppl and most are drunk or
soon to be drunk.. so w/e then craig was gunna chill with
us at v's but v's mom went nuts cuz v was in a towel in the
living room and kicked me and justin out lol so then w/e i
take justin home and thats about it.... now im here lol
bored and tired... the highlights to these past two days: I
got "a very merry pooh year" on dvd and i bought 25 bucks
worth of makeup with a giftcard today lol exciting.... well
i work tomorrow and sunday 4 to close gay! oh yea AND i
forgot i went shopping at the mall on thursday and bought
shoes, a shirt, a cross necklace, a cherry cell phone cover
and a angel keychain lol yay me yea well w/e im out...