Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-03 21:11:34 (UTC)

I need some advice on parts of my life!

Hey everyone !
Hows everyone ?! Well I am great ! I just got back from
the movies with my friend Isra ! hehe ! :) We had a blast !
We saw 'The Others' and guess what Isra . . . " Sometimes I
bleed !" lol ! These people behind us kept screaming !!!
It was so funny ! One was a guy and he screamed like a
girl ! LOL ! It was so funny ! Lets see hmmm ! Oh I am
studying for my science quiz ! Yea tomorrow will be the 3rd
day of the high school year and we already have a quiz !
Thats ok Mr.Chudy is cool ! haha! Hmmmm what else ? OH
last night I talked to my friend Nate till like 2:30 I am
over being mad at him ! haha ! But I don't know ! I mean
he is cool and all but sometimes he can be a guy ! haha !
So anyways ! I have only gotten 2 messages in response to
my journals ! Whats wrong with you people ?! how come you
don't send me anything?! I want to talk to you and here
what you think of my journal and maybe get to know you ! So
if you would please after each time you read my journal or
atlease once a week send me some comments ! Like if you
want to know anything in particular about me or questions
you have ! Then I will be sure to answer them either in my
journal or I will be happy to send you an e-mail back ! OH
I have a question for everyone out there who reads my
journal and I really need you help !!!! OK , I have a
really good friend and her and I are close but she is kind
of superfical (sp? ) you know the kind of girls like that !
The ones who won't go out with a guy unless he looks like
Brad Pit and they base their whole life on trying to be
popular and clothes /looks and I try not to do that ! But
her and I are close and I don't know what I am going to
do ! Cause I have other friends who don't like her and
won't hang out with me if this other girl is there ! So I
mean this girl is one of my good friends but what should I
do ?! Please E-mail me in response to my question ! I
could really use some advice ! Thanks ! I will be sure to
fill you in on how things are going and what I decieded to
do ! Well I think I am gotta bounce ! I will write again
tonight !
Luv ya !
*Marissa *