2001-09-03 21:11:04 (UTC)

3rd September 2001 - Day before i go back to school.

Okeys this is my first entry here so i better make it good.
Here's whats happened up to date and a little about my self.
Basically i'm an average english 15 year old. My birthday is
in 15 days, (the 18th). My boyfriend (Aj), has gone on
holiday for a week, (until the 8th). I work at the
Massarella's coffee shop in T.J.Hughes in Kettering. My
school is Ise Community College. I live with my Dad,
Step-mum (Tara) and 6 month old baby brother (Leon).
My mum lives with my step-dad (Alan), sister (Chloe-12),
and brother (Alex-2). Over the summer i've been
staying with my nan and working my arse off. I get paid on
the 14th though, so its ok i guess. I should be getting
around £500.
My best friends at the moment are Kelly Beouf, Kirtsy
Starmer, Sam Purcell, Cristina Cicceri, Emma Oldham, Becky
Curtis, Kerry-Ann Blount, Darren Simpson, Dave Halcrow,
Nathan Craddock, Sean Hartnett, and Aj(Adrian John Watts).
WE all hang around the green, the field, under the bridge or
behind the church recently.
Dave is Kelly's boyfriend, they have been together 5
months and a week, so have Kerry and Darren. Me and Aj have
benn together about 3 months now. Sean and Becky have been
together ages, about 9 months or sumut. Craddock and Sam
have a thing for each other, but they is always fallin out
and arguing. Cristina is wiv Aaron Butlin and has been for
about 10 months now. Emma is kinda wiv Darren Start, but
kinda wiv Lee Start too. She's seein both the brothers, but
Darren is in prison. Kirsty is seein no-one at the moment,
she was goin wiv Mark Winsor, but he's a dickhead and went
wiv Bianca Vitsatori and Natalie Cole behind her back. But
she don't care, cuz she went wiv Luke Croaker behind his
back. Luke has always had a thing for Kirsty, so don't think
they won't be goin wiv each other again.
Today, i just stayed in and sorted myself out for school
tomorrow. I've just been on FluffMUCK all night chattin. I'm
goin back there now. So thats all for tonight. See ya.