ton o galaxy
2002-12-28 03:46:30 (UTC)


so i have a date tonight and how awful is it that i don't
really want to hang with anyone tonight except little ol me.
I called to cancel and well to be honest , id' much rather
sleep over his house tomorrow, when the big party is goin
on over at mine. Is this my normal state of selfishness?
Ahh today was good though. I woke up, went shopping, had a
yummy vegan lunch, spent 70 bucks on alot of black vintage
clothing and got new flannel sheets! That's another reason
why i want to stay home. My new sheets. I want to
experience them. Tonight.
my Mom and sis sent me some pretty cool stuff. I got an
oil painting kit(how did they know) and pee wee's playhouse
volume 2. This is all very exciting to me. She also sent me
a picture of my mom putting lipstick on me when i was two.
that's where all this shit tube a lipstick!