Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2001-09-03 20:17:29 (UTC)

Oh, Sandy....

I'm so worried about Sandy. James is the first guy she's
been interested in as more than just a boy-toy, the first
in a long string of makeout partners that she actually
wants a serious, solid relationship with. He seems to like
her, but his uncertainty about dating her should bug me. I
would hate to see her hurt again. She's been through far
too much already. This James thing falling through would
send her over the edge, and I'm afraid I might not be able
to bring her back this time. Trying could very well pull me
under. With all the things already rending her shredded
self-esteem and trust in humans whatsoever, James could
kill her with rejection. He better not lead her on and burn
her. I will make him regret it if he does. NO one better
hurt her. We may not be quite blood sisters...yet....but we
are soulmates, soulsisters, and that is infinitely
stronger. Ether is thicker than blood, let alone water.
James couls be the best or the worst thing ever to happen
to Sandy, and it's hard to be the worst in her life, but
it's his choice. The Mistress of Darkness is my sister, and
she has a hidden vulnerability that NO ONE will kill if I
can help it. But if he really does care for her as she does
for him, it would show her that not all males are
untrustworthy, that love exists between men and women
without corruption, and that it's worth the world. Even if
they eventually broke up, as long as it was amiable, their
relationship could be proof to Sandy that trust, while
risky, is sometimes real and worthwhile. I don't know. All
I can do is be there to cheer her on, give her advice,
catch her if she falls, and give her a boost back up again.
The things we foolish mortals do for love.