U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-09-03 20:07:57 (UTC)

I'm in luv with my best friend

hey I won't mention any names, becuz u never know who reads
these, but dammit I'm in luv with my best guy friend, he's
the hottest guy at my school, football quarterback and
captain, and he's sooo sweet and nice, but he has a
girlfriend, but u would never know they were going out, he
acts like I'M his freaking girl, but i don't know what to
do, my friend says I should break them up, but his girl
friend is one of my best friends, and I could never do that
to her. I'm STUCK, I've always been the threat in every
realationship he's had, it's always "watch out for her,
she'll steal ur boyfriend" I have always had the label,
becuz I am everyone's boyfriends best girl friend, and it
doesn't help that I used to be friends with benefits with
them. I can't help it, all my guy friends are very
attractive, and at parties when they flirt with me, I'm
gonna flirt back,I wish I could have "him" though, sooo
bad, not till highschool though, I've decided. but i know
he's wating for me, he told me so