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2001-09-03 20:07:48 (UTC)


I got home from Caits this morning to discover that Dustin
is sick! Oh no! I hope he gets better soon! Adam is being a
real dick and Mattie is thinking about going with somebody
else to Homecoming.... maybe Dustins hott friend Mike...
hmmmm.... they'd be so cute! Anyways.... so I hope the
catastrophy works itself out. Til it all gets sorted, I'll
be up in my room contemplating different aspects of my
cool, but crazy life. Yesterday I spent almost the whole
entire day at Caits and it was so cool. We painted her
bathroom while we listened to Michelle Branch and No Doubt.
We talked, and in the middle of the convos Cait and truely
realized why we are, and will always be, best friends. It
was the sweetest thing. Then, as if the moment could get
any better, Lori came home with bouquets of flowers and
presents for each of us. They were from the reuinion
poeple! It was a huge "Thank You" gift from them! So sweet!
Right then, I again realized something... That there was no
place, no time, and no reason that could ever be better for
me to receive my first flowers. *Remember: Sunday September
2nd I received my first flowers* ~smile~ funny how things
work out. I received a dream and something so beautiful and
wonderful, for doing something that was so simple, but that
meant so much to me, and to all of those poeple. I would've
done it over and over just to see the smiles and tears on
those people's faces. So great. I will truely always
remember this, and there couldn't have been a better way,
or time for me to receive this wonderful gift. Cait and I
are such great friends and I hope we always stay so close,
because I dont know what we would do without eachother.
Everything seems like it is falling into the right places
now, and I'm truly happy with everything. Kevin and Laci
seem happily together and the school year is breezing by.
I'm truly happy for Kevin, and the way he seems happy. I
hope its always this way. ~smile~

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