the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-09-03 19:53:23 (UTC)

hey hey

well yeah it has been a while school is kicking my butt ..
for real .. I am just like Bahh .. I am off today b/c of a
holiday .. ya know I wento see Jepers creepers last
night .. okay until the very end I was not really
scared .. by the end of the movie was freaked out .. even
the guy I went with who was so scared of scary movies
thought it was not scary .. I felt so stupid but the ending
was so creepy .. b/c this old lady who was like a phycic
was predicting she could hear the leading guy screaming as
that "jeepers Creepers " song was playing on an old
phonagraph .. so u think that it would nout happen
right ... wrong !!!!!!!! at the very end it like all these
scenes of a hot ,stemy factory .. and it like they are
taking u through it .. and u hear that Jeepers Creepers
song in the back ground and some guy is screaming ..and
then they show u the monster sitting ona stole and like
tapping his toes and bent over a work bench and then there
is this body and the camera goes up the body but justfrom
the belly button up and u see 2 big gapping holes where his
eyes were .. ... he was screaming in the dark in a room
just like the lady had predicted .. "Jeepers Creepers
whereda get those peepers.. " okay so it scared the crap
outta me .. and like the way u knew he had gotten his eyes
where b/c he like poped up and was looking at u through the
guys gayping eyes holes ...okay so I am a retard .. I got
scared I think it was that song .. it was all old .. like
stuff your grandma makes u listen to in the old old old
1950 oldsmobile .. I was freaked out ! .. ne ways so humm
okay what has been going on in my lifed .. well darcy is
mad at me and .. really I could not care less .. I am 16
and I have my own truck and I don't need her to make me
feel better .. I think I am moving .. hopefully closer to
Jeff .. who knows ... I know we are getting outta texas ..
U see well it is a long story .. there are very few people
I will miss here.. this place is becoming more and more ..
my Incubus .. my nightmare .. everything is really turning
to crap .. I a just like bahh .. I need to get away .. I
need to find a safe place .. I need to find someone I can
be happy with .. I have found that person.. but he lives so
far away .. I listen to all these songs on the radio and
on here .. and all I want is to be famouse .. all I want is
to make music .. that is all that makes me happy .. I kno
like if I want it bad enough.. i can make it happen but u
know what .. I don't know .. I need to sit down and think
about what I want !
I am just like bahh !.. Darcy and Manda are running my
life .. I try to make everyone happy .. I try but it is
not really working .. I am so upset .. I need to get away
for a while .. so I can remeber why I actually like
everyone .. everything is becoming so dul and colorless to
me .. it feels like everyone wants something so different
than what I can give them .. this is my Incubus .. this is
my nightmare ..
the days go by so fast .. the hours pass by so slowly ..