baby pink
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2002-12-28 00:19:35 (UTC)

im gonna have a nervous break down

fuck ppl i aint normally this bad, honest but tonite im goin
crazy. I have just found out that tomoz is goin to b my
worst nitemare comin true and theres fuck all i can do to
stop it. Let me fill u in ..........

Months ago my wonderful bf, brian whom i love mucho asked me
to go to his big cousins, who I dont know, weddin with him.
I thought fair enough fine ill go. Ever since agreein ive
been shittin myself. But i love him and i would do anything
for him.

So why r u goin to have a nervous break down I hear u all
say.... well thats only the beginin. NOw ppl u have to keep
in mind that I know sweet fuck all bout the girl who is
gettin married never mind anyone else there I know brian,
his mum and dad briefly and his big bro to look at!! now is
it gettin any clearer. But wait I have nt even began yet.
Brian is the usher so therefore he is part of the weddin
party, he does not leave with me so I have to go on a bus
full of ppl who I DONT KNOW to a place I DONT KNOW to a
hotel I DONT KNOW sittin next to ppl I DONT KNOW to go and
sit down in a hall next to and full of ppl I DONT FUCKIN
KNOW. to make matters wosrt brian is not sittin next to me
the whole nite. Im gonna have a nervous break down so ppl u
now c why im frettin eh? im gonna b sittin there like a
fuckin wee sado all alone...... theres no way out I tried to
tell him I could nt go he said he`d never speak to me again
im like can i live in silence answer .. let me think bout it
lol no i cant i love him too much I cant let him down ill
need to go but i tell you he will owe me big time..... he
will pay for this I wonder y he just informed me of this
tonite eh hours b4 the weddin... erm he prolly knew i would
go fuckin crazy ehhhh.. ahhh well we will have to wait and c
what happens tomoz n if i survive ill b back to write it all
down ill keep u informed dont worry u wont b kept in the

love baby pink

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