journal of life
2001-09-03 19:36:25 (UTC)

beginning of journal

Well, It's been many a year since I decided to write things
down in such a manner - I guess, it's simply a lack of
discipline or occasion. While the past has it's bearing and
I will discuss it somewhat - it cannot be changed - only
the present and through that, the future. I used to write
old friends who were away, etc, but that was a long time
ago. I guess it's just best to stick with the present and
plans for the future for now.

At this point, the purpose of this journal is to allow me
to track (and act as a form of self-discipline for) the
journey of my life from here on out - mostly to help vent
feeling and to focus on self improvement. Today is
September 3rd, 2K1 and it's also labor day. I have the day
off and am just doing some much needed cleaning of the
house while dinking on the network.

I wonder as to what sort of format I should be using, if
this is going to be a journal of tasks and philosophy.
I've been reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Succesfull
People" and I would like to put it into practice - it's
hard to do many things right without a vision or what you
want to happen and principals above that - values and
whatnot. Part of this journal will be an exploration of

Let's start with this:

To life a good, long, happy life (isn't that what we all

good = meaningful, helping others, passing good fortune
down the family tree (need to HAVE one though =)

long = healthy

happy = satisfaction in life, work, personal relationships,
love, etc....

Long-Term Goals

to find the right person, get married, have children

to have the income to support a family in a singular fashion

to have a job that will accomplish this and give
satisfaction at the same time (presumably IT)

It's a lot to dig into, but lets try some short-term goals
for now:

Clean "lab", bedroom and do dishes (cleans house - makes me
happier and healthier)

Visit folks, stay over and have dinner.

Go for walk at parents house.

Study MCP 2k bood in evening. (cover 1 chapter, 2 if time

Tommorow is 730 - 5pm day, so the goal tommorow will be

clean closet and kitchen

study another chapter

take walk, lift weights

I guess this is a start -

Too many titles =P

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