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2002-12-27 22:22:00 (UTC)

27th * B_O_R_E_D

dodoododod, i am bored out of my f-ing mind. i've been
watchin lord of the rings on my new TV and DVD, but its
such a sad movie =( but i love it. part II is even better
and i swear, i wanna be an ELF and shoot arrows at people
mwahahhah...can't u tell i'm bored? well last night was
really fun and interesting

lol, it's funny jus thinking about it, but i picked up jer,
gave him his gifts (SLIMER and Smashing pumpkins CD, a CD
visor for his car, and a blader shirt)..then left to see
the xmas light show @ Griffith park..lets jus say we flew
right by it lol. cuz my car was freakin overheating, but i
got to run over some orange cones while i was at
it ;;hehe:: anyway, he had no clue where i was gonna take
it, but i took him to Citywalk and we went ice
skatiing ::aww:: blah blah and then got dinner at the Hard
Rock Cafe. it was yum yum, and jeremy is so cute. i love
him with his funny faces and his "look at it..." voices
hehe. i love him and we always find ways to act like dorks
yet still have fun. then we came back to my housie and lay
on my bed and watched Lord of the RIngs Documentary..or @
least tried ::wink wink:: lol. get yo mind out of the

i'm BORRREEEDDD, jeremy is at worky and i dunno where
everyone issssssss...helloooo/??? anybody home?? yay, my
mommy wants to go shopping..yesss more clothes
mwahahha..but but but..i'm BORED nowwwww...helloooooo