Electric monkey
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2001-09-03 19:18:03 (UTC)

9-3-01 [back home]

i got back home today from camping all of the weekend. it
was fun for the most part. but the sun drained me out a
bit.. so im pretty tired. and i got up early [8?] every
morning too.. the lake was nice, but the water was green.
couldnt ask for better weather either. im not very
detailed here, but oh well.. i cant think of anything to
say. im just so, bleh. tried to do some physics homework a
little bit ago, that sucked. didnt want to do it once i got
started so i quit and now im just putting it off. i dont
want to draw stupid diagrams things. oh well.
tomorrow i have to go to school. along with everyone else.
that kinda sucks. everything just sucks i guess. i dont
know why im being so negative.
ill come back later when i can actually tell you bout the