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2001-09-03 18:59:37 (UTC)

no skewl :)

everybody is going off to school tomorrow.... except for
me... i have to go sometime this week, to find out what
courses are offered second semester so i don't take the
same ones in correspondance, and hopefully i'll get a
chance to visit with people i haven't seen since june.
i'm kinda relieved that i'll have a semester out of school
to relax and make some money and stuff. this morning while
i was in the shower i realized something: i'll be able to
take baths! I don't remember the last time i took a bath.
I've always been getting up for school or work or to meet
somebody, so I've only had time for showers... Ahhhh....
But I'm still gonna miss some stuff, like cafeteria food,
and music class, and seeing friends... Oh well. I guess I
can always visit from time to time :)
My boyfriend will be there, but only for one class.
Maybe we'll get to go out for lunch n stuff :)
That was fun last semester, but there was never enough time.
Maybe we can have his mom's macaroni and cheese again. I
haven't had that in a long time...
I don't even know if i'm working tomorrow. I worked
yesterday, but we still didn't have a new one yet. i
thought that i had my boss' business card here, which has
his home phone number, but i can't find it...
oh well, if worse comes to worst, i'll just show up at 9
tomorrow morning.
n-e-ways... i'm kinda busy right now with a couple of
friends, so i should stop writing...
Bye guys :) I love you all :)