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2001-02-10 17:25:18 (UTC)

_Thrown Away_ I can t believe..

_Thrown Away_

I can't believe I've created garbage.
Engufed by the abyss of my compactor.
Wanting to step on you, to peak over the edge.
Just a little higher.
Can't you support the weight of my past?
Can't you hold your hand as a pedastal,
for me to rise above the negation of my present.
"What past?" you ask.
You had family. You had love.
A love that was broken with greens
and walls for me to lean on and cry.
I asked for a second chance,
but you were already thinking of another.
You left my world without a sound, without a whimper.
So slowly, so distant, so near, so far.
You walked with a swagger I couldn't understand.
A love that was as high as the mountains,
accompanied by a dangerous jealousy.
You said I wasn't listening,
but I heard you all the while.