Raining In Autumn
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2001-09-03 18:11:58 (UTC)


Ah Labor Day, time to rest. I feel like I have no time to
rest anymore. The past two days I have slept 12 hours each
night...of course not coming home til 3am every night
probably has something to do with me being so tired all the
time. Tonight I can't be doing that though because I have
to be back at work in the morning. That's the only bad
thing about work, I have to be up at 5:30 in the morning so
I can make it there by 6:45. Currently it's 2pm and I've
still not even stepped outside. It looks cool, windy, and
rainy. I can't wait for Autumn to get here! I absolutely
love cold weather...especially the October/November months.

Today should be interesting though. Later on I have to take
my friend all of his clothes because I had to go help him
move out of his house yesterday. It's sad to see friends
getting kicked out of their homes...makes you realize
you're growing up. Next year though I'll be back in
Charlotte at college and away from all of the drama. As for
this year I'm just hanging around home...I know I'm
supposed to be here for some reason, I just don't know what
it is yet. I guess only time will tell why I came home for
a year...

Music: "This Is How You Remind Me" - Nickleback

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