my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-27 18:39:33 (UTC)


ok so last night i was suposed to wate for dave to call me
back but i didnt... i went to the mall with maria and bean
instead. i was fucking crazy! there was no were to park
b/c of the snow and shit there were cars everywere! ok so
i didnt see anything in gap to buy with my gift care um
thats funy b/c i HATE gap!!! why do all of my relitives
think that i am a preppy little bitch. ok well im not! i
didnt cash my checks yet so i didnt have that money to
spend but oh well i will wate untill next time when the
sales are better. haha! i havent talked to jay in a while
i wonder how he is doing hopefully better....... i hope!!!
then maria and my went home and went to bed and i could
not fall asleep for the life of me it was so shitty. then
i was frezzing all night and i didnt feel like getting up
to turn up the heat so..... i froze its ok though. then at
like 5 maria got up for work and i got into her bed and
warmed myself up. berrrrr then i woke up and her sisters
were at practice and i was home by my self... boring... os
i ate some cake and had some soda and watched mtv like
always and some goo goo dolls show on vh1 then shell and
bean came home and we watched shells friends dvd and my
mom came to get me. she is in a good mood today thank god.
my cell phonedose not work any were in averill park only
at my house it kinda sucks. it works everywere else
though. now i am starving and there is nothing to eat. my
mom is goingto the store in a litte while but she dosent
have any money so i just asked her to pick me up some
oodles and noodles. aka- poor food. i hate um i am so sick
of them you dont even understand!! gerrrr. ok so i am
going to go now b/c i have tones of shit to print of of
this beast but i will be back later.
LISTING TO: myself type
listing to: a drowned out radio!(turn that shit up bitch!)

time:3:17- off to the stors she goes!!!
ok so yeah it took lets see 2 hours for me to print off all the e-
mails that i have saved. that is one thing sbout a lap top that
sucks ass. i am always in my room with it and i never feel like
bring it up here to print stuff out. it is like a tragity to print
out school reports. haha it is funny. so my mom ans asshole just
left to go shopping i would have gone but he went with her. that is
what she dose when she dosent want me to go places with her she
takes HIM!!!! what that hell...... ok so i am starving andi think i
am goign to pass out soon. i am real dirty i am still in my clothes
from yesterday. yummy!!!!!!! heheheh. so rich is in michigan and i
was wondering why he hadent been on in a while and that is why. he
got awsome shit for x-mass i am so jelouse of my friends this year
they all got hooked up. wtf. and he has a g/f now. how weird is
that. he dose not seem like the boyfriend type to me. but he is an
awsome kid. real brown. lol!
listing to:avril lavinge

time:5:52 pm
ok so maria is coming up im an hour so she should keep me occupied
for a while i am so bored. my mom still isnt back from the store
yet where the hell is she. i am hungry!!! her and asshole prolly
went out to dinner or somehthing like that with out me again. b/c i
am a bitch right? oh well i need to blowdry my hair and i dont
wantto so.. i think iam going to wear it curly or something like
that. all i know is that i am not streghting it unless i am going
out tonight. hope not b/c i just dont want to. omg i am going to
kill the fucking dog!!! STOP BARKING!!!!!! i hate dogs so much with
a passion!!!! COOKIE TIME!! ok so i just let the fucking dumb ass in
she had her trolly thing all wrped around her leg and i had to un-do
it and now i smell like a wet dog. yuck! ok so ............ i dont
want to go back to school it is less than a week away and i am still
going to be hung over b/c they are sending us back on the 2nd how
dumb is that? i have nothing to do on new years but i will find
something me and maria a doing pretty good at getting wasted by
ourselfs lately. hahahahah. mikey was suposed to be having ppl over
to his house but i guess something happend he wouldent tell me what
it was but i think it had to do with the little incedent before.that
is kinda shitty b/c we would have had a lot of fun but oh well.. it
dose not take 3 hrs to go shopping. were the hell is she i think i
want a sub for dinner but oh yeah we are poor! what the hell her b/f
makes millions and he wont spend anyof it on us. if you are going to
live with us the least you could do is help out. i hate it why dose
he have to live here? and ruin my life....? he is always questioning
the things that i do and it is b/c he always left before his kids
became teens so he never had to deal with it. like why is your
stomach showing all the time and why do you look like a freak? i
dont know mabe b/c i am trying to fuiger out who i am.. did you
ever think of that one? dick head!!
ok so i can not wate to go out to colorado in feb it is going to be
so much fun. the only thing that sucks about it is the tickets were
like $350 wooooo man. but i get to go snbowboarding and dae and
lauren are taking me to minnasota and we are going clubing and shit.
oh and to THE MALL OF AMERICA!!! the biggest mall i get to go to it.
can not wate. oh my god.........time is going by so slow today. it
feels like i have been up forever. and it has only been like 9 hrs.
wow i wrote alot today.....
listing to: the furnace

ok so maria is here and she is asleep. she is taking a 20 min nap.
she was tired. so yeah when she got her my mlm was walking in the
door and i finnaly got to eat. i feel better now! ok and then we
came down in to my room and she got this funnny idea to put half
naked girls up on my cealing above my bed so i broke out the maxim
mags and we cut all the pics out and i now have practicly naked
women above my head right now. haha it is so funnny!! now ppl will
really think that i am a lesbian. oh well!!! i cant wate to show it
to .... never mind.... i didnt feel like finishing that! ok so i
need to wake her up ans we are going to try to get a hold of dave s
so we can do something productive but i dont think that is going to
happen b/c he isnt home. bbl
lissting to:um the edge

ok so yeah dave just left my house yeah he came over it was os wired
let me tell you. be for he came maria was like freking out and i was
fine but when he got her it was so fuking acward. let me tell you.
ok so he was here for like 2 1/2 hrs and i was the longest 2 1/2 hrs
of our lifes ok i just wanted to tell you all this b/c it is
helariouse.. hahahahahah i cannot stop laughing. ok well i gotta go
to bed b/c i am exausted. I AM WORRIED!!!! I WISH I KNEW HOW YOU

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