Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-12-27 18:35:07 (UTC)

the answers

Well I am in San Diego again. Wow, I forgot how nice it was
here. I have not really seen it during the day, we only got
in late last night.
The wind was blowing ever so softly. Not harsh and burning
like in my small town. The ocean was barily noticable
against the dark blue/black sky. They blended into each
other like there was no break. I remember this, when i
once was here. It makes you feel so lonly. You compaired to
that blackness. You are nothing.
I feel like nothing. I dont know why though. I miss Corr
right now. I wonder what he feels right now. If he misses
me, or if he is trying to figure out what he will do today.
He is talking to a recruiter today. Already he is figuring
his life out. Once he graduates, they will take him from me
and I will be lost for a while. An Emptiness. Maybe a week
apart from each other will help us. We have been fighting
lately, but our last couple of days together we so
wonderful, even though he ended up hurt and thinking. I
dont know want him to feel like that but everything has
been different since that day. It isnt him, but it is me. I
love him with all my heart and I dont know what to do.
Everyone thinks I should be more sensitive to his feelings
about the whole thing. But I dont know how when I am so
confused about what I want to do.
Are we ment for each other, to love forever. I already feel
as though I can love him till the day I die, but does he
feel the same. Is there a such thing as forever, and love
never dies? Is there? Is there someone for all of us? I
wish I could find all the answers. I wish we could all find
the answers.

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