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2002-12-27 18:15:47 (UTC)


I had a great Christmas. I got a PSOne, DANCE DANCE
REVOLUTION :), gir slippers, new pants that just ROCK, a
CHEVELLE cd, a cd player, scooby doo watch, and lots of
other stuff that was cool.
I dont really know what else to write about. OHYEAH
i went to my aunts house for christmas. We had to leave
early because we had a huge snow storm and DAMN did it snow
a lot...i was afraid of going home in it cause all the
roads were so bad...but we got home safely.
:( my grandpa started having chestpains...he has a bad
heart...and he couldnt find his nitrogylcerin...luckily he
got home and took some and his heart pains stopped :) but i
still worry a lot about him...well i must go